What problems does Alexander Technique solve?


Have you ever seen the purported benefits of meditation? It always looks like someone's trying to sell you snake oil. Find inner peace, be happier, improve your digestion, live longer, sleep better and clear up your psoriasis and irritable bowl syndrome, all from sitting on a cushion!

The benefits of Alexander Technique can seem a bit like that. I suspect this is why many teachers go down the posture route for their marketing. It's much easier to point to the couple of medical trials that says that Alexander Technique helps with back pain, and then work with people who have back pain.

In the online context, working with the body is, obviously, more difficult (though not out of reach). There are plenty of things that I wouldn't even dream of recreating online just yet though, so my Alexander Technique course will focus more on the psycho part of psychophysical. Perhaps as I learn more and become better at this, though, we can dig into that stuff too.

So why should people care about Alexander Technique? What is the magical combination of words that would get people to nod their heads, think yes, I have that problem, and huzzah I have stumbled upon the solution, now...

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Here are three benefits for now.

Developing a renewed capacity for choice and agency

As creatures of habit, it's our conditioned and unconscious responses that determine a large part of our lives. Alexander Technique gives us a toolkit to notice how we might habitually respond, then choose not to do that, and allow for a new, conscious choice in the space beyond that non-responding.

Accessing ease and play in all areas of life

Modern life has trained us to believe that life should be effortful and strained, that to achieve our goals we need to 'crush it' and shove ourselves around. Instead, Alexander Technique provides a way to be fully engaged in any activity in a way that seems light and easy, while often allowing for better outcomes than if we'd applied 'force'.

Improved performance in and greater enjoyment of previously stressful activities

Various aspects of my life have improved since I trained in Alexander Technique:

This is a potentially long list, but you get the idea.

I plan to develop a 'master list' of benefits pretty comprehensively such that I can help potential students understand why taking the course and studying Alexander Technique could help them.

Michael Ashcroft

Michael Ashcroft


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