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Otome Pass, Hakone — by Hiroaki Takahashi


You've stumbled upon Expanding Awareness, a website run by me, Michael Ashcroft. that explores Alexander Technique and all the things it intersects with.

Alexander Technique is an awareness-based skill that helps people live with greater ease and freedom, a method to notice, expand and ultimately play within the space between stimulus and response.

This has an enormous range of applications. While Alexander Technique is most commonly associated with physical performance — and it’s often used by actors, musicians and athletes for that reason — in reality the entire scope of human experience can be enhanced by being able to make new conscious choices in response to things that happen in our internal and external worlds.

Ultimately, Alexander Technique gives you conscious control over your awareness, and from there more agency in any aspect of your life, whether it’s how you move, how you think, how you perform, how you speak, how you relate to others or how you relate to yourself.

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