How to be natural on camera by expanding awareness

I’m currently part way through a project to ‘make 100 YouTube videos’, the idea being to get comfortable on camera and to eventually become some sort of YouTube influencer guy. Or something.

Most of these videos have involved me screaming into the void, but this one struck a chord (now viewed >3k times). It’s about how I use Alexander Technique style expanded awareness to come across naturally, or authentically, on camera. This is something that I believe can be taught very directly online and will be the focus of future course modules.

Before you watch it, though, let me address one fairly common comment, which goes along the lines of “you’re just not narrowing your eyes, moving more and relaxing your face, what’s the big deal?”

All of those things are true, but those are not the things that I'm doing. I am not consciously coordinating my body in any way. What I am doing is playing with expanding my awareness above and behind me. I’m also ‘allowing’ the space between me and the camera to be there, rather than compressing it.

This is a huge distinction. Adding layers of ‘doing’ to my face and body would not have the same effect. It would instead look like I’m trying to ‘do’ being natural. No! The way to be natural is to stop doing all the things that aren’t natural.

With that, here’s the video. Notice, in particular, how your body responds as I play with my awareness…

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Michael Ashcroft

Michael Ashcroft


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